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Episode 399: Tim Eisner - Weird City Games - Canopy - The Grimm Forrest - Tidal Blades - Macrame and Improv

June 14th, 2020

This episode was recorded before the protests. This is why we do not discuss the situation in our conversation. 

Delighted to be joined by Tim Eisner, designer of such table delights as The Grimm Forrest, The March of The Ants, Tidal Blades and shortly to come to Kickstarter, Canopy.

We chat about Tim's creative life from macrame to theatre, getting into design, working with Skybound and going back to his own path with Canopy. 

Please check out the links to Tim's work and check out Canopy when it comes out very soon on Kickstarter. 

Links of Notes 

Board Game Geek

Weird City Games Website

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