Episode 27

Out of the Chaos, A wild Shopkeeper Appears - Tracey from Chaos Cards


December 2nd, 2016

55 mins 33 secs

Season 1

Your Host

About this Episode

Richard is joined by Tracey from Chaos Cards, an online retailer that has seen a massive boom in business over the last couple of years due to the popularity of boardgaming, RPGing and Cards.

But we want to find out more about Tracey's involvement in the hobby, her LARPing, White Wolfing, Shadowrunning, Call of Cthulhuhuhthuhtulu, and her obsession with getting hold of Arkham Horror....

We then talk about Chaos Cards itself, including the Drawer of Treasure and the opening of their bricks and mortar shop/cafe that Tracey will be the manager of. 

And we add some special messages, just for Tony, the Owner. 

Tracey was a great guest and we hope you enjoy the episode as much as we did. 

 Links of note

Chaos Cards Website https://www.chaoscards.co.uk/

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ChaosCards/

Twitter Page https://twitter.com/Chaos_Cards

Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv4T57SsilGN-dJ4QYp2wAw

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