Episode 21

Friends of the Show - Roll Perception, Let's Take a Journey with the Steele Empire!!


October 20th, 2016

1 hr 2 mins 10 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

Hold on to your hats and scarves and dice as we head into autumn as Richard is joined by David, Amara and Brian from the D&D podcast, A Quest for Magic and Steele.

Things start with a six handed clap, before we discuss playing T.I.M.E Stories and then the origins of the Magic and Steele podcast, the characters and of course, general nonsense and tangents just happen.

We'd like to thank David, Amara and Brian for coming on to the show and we heartly recommend you give them a listen is you haven't done so and their podcast is both very accessible and entertaining.

Links of Note

T.I.M.E Stories - https://www.asmodee.us/en/games/time-stories-core-set-asylum/

DLC Podcast http://5by5.tv/dlc

Critical Hit Podcast http://majorspoilers.com/category/critical-hit/

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