Episode 18

Friends of The Show - I know how to Draw, Just need more Gray please


September 30th, 2016

1 hr 4 mins 4 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

In another Friends of the Show special we are joined by the very talented award winning and award nominated and videogame writing (but not singing) and all round good person Kate Gray (pronounced Bob). Kate has written for a number of well known publications and websites and we were really pleased to have her on as a guest to talk all things cardboard. We start with a clap and we carry on from there to talk about what games Kate enjoys before diving into some of the more modern games available on the market. We then continue into art requests and questions before the police come along and cart us away. We thank Kate for givng us her valuable time and anyone who asked questions for the show. We had a good old chat about these Carcasonne http://www.zmangames.com/carcassonne-universe.html Spyfall        https://www.cryptozoic.com/spyfall Love Letter  https://www.alderac.com/loveletter/ Time Barons http://time-barons.com/index.html#top Secret Hitler  http://www.secrethitler.com/ Funemployed http://urbanislandgames.com/funemployed/ These Wonderful People Asked Us Questions. Nick Jones - @laneit360 Craig - @cr0wing Tino @ BadWild - @badwild Bin Diesel - @minute5072 Jeremy Greer @jggreer Nahkala - @nahkala Joshua Garrity - @combinehunter Peter Allen - @retepallen Arnaud De Bock - @arnaud_debock Links of Note You can find Kate on Twitter www.twitter.com/hownottodraw You can find Toku Podcast on https://twitter.com/toku_podcast

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